Cover Doll


Transform any female adjustable mannequin with the Cover Doll slip on cover into a display mannequin.


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Cover Doll is an exciting new product borne from the need to use an adjustable form as a display doll as well. The Cover Doll slip on cover is made of high quality stretch fabric with a lace-up back to allow for an easy yet professional fit.

It can be used on all female adjustable dressmaker dolls (Diana, Rani, My Double & Siera brands) that is either in closed or adjusted position.


 Purpose of the cover


  • Transform the female adjustable mannequin into a display mannequin for use at exhibition or for photographic purpose (online sales)
  • Extra layer to pin onto
  • Provide a finished / professional look to a adjusted an padded mannequin


Available in sizes


  • Petite (04/28 – 10/34) – Suitable for the My Double Petite adjustable mannequin
  • Small (10/34 – 16/40) – Suitable for the Diana A, Rani Small & Siera 150 adjustable mannequins
  • Medium (16/40 – 22/46) – Suitable for the Diana B, Rani Medium & Siera 151 adjustable mannequins
  • Large (22/46 – 26/50) – Suitable for the Diana C adjustable mannequin
  • X-Large (26/50 – 30/54) – Suitable for the Diana D adjustable mannequin

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions25 × 19 × 5 cm
Cover Sizes

Petite (04/28 – 10/34), Small (10/34 – 16/40), Medium (16/40 – 22/46), Large (22/46 – 26/50), X-Large (26/50 – 30/54)


Black, Beige


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