Need it? Lay-By it!

Stretch out your payment with the Dressmaker Dolls Lay-By option.

What is a Lay-By?

A service provided to our clients who wish to extend their payment on wanted items. We reserve items for you, while you settle the payment over a select period. Once the full payment is settled, your items may be collected or delivered to you.

How does Dressmaker Dolls Lay-By option work?

  1. Browse and select your items online or at our store and pay a 5% deposit of the value of your items.
  2. A monthly payment must then be made over a period of 3 months until your items are fully paid off.
  3. Upon full settlement, you may collect your items, or we will courier them to you, upon request.

There are no hidden fees, interest rates, credit checks or opening fees, allowing you the time to make your payments with no added costs.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Lay–By Terms and Conditions

1. Lay-By is defined as an offering whereby Dressmaker Dolls (Seller) reserves items on your behalf, which you (Purchaser, hereinafter referred to as “you”) have chosen, which you pay for over a time period being three months, while we hold onto said items until full payment is settled.

2. Upon selecting your items for Lay-By, you must settle a deposit of 5% of the total value of items when requesting the Dressmaker Dolls Lay-By option.

3. A minimum of one payment per month must be made by you until the items until full payment is settled.

4. The total time period to settle payment is three (3) months, and cannot be extended.

5. You may decide to pay frequently to settle the payment within the 3-month time period.

6. Terminating the agreement before the full settlement is paid or neglect full payment within thirty (30) days after the expected day of completion allows Dressmaker Dolls to reserve the right to charge a termination fee.

7. We will notify you of the said fee during the time of termination and after deduction of such.

8. Termination penalties will not be charged if incomplete payments is due to hospitalization or death. Certified documentation is required.

9. In respect of cancellations, a notice will be sent via text message or email to the cell phone number or email address provided to us, whereby a refund will be given where relevant.

10. Items will not be delivered or allowed to be collected until full payment is settled.

11. The address provided in the conduction of the agreement is the address that will be used to send statements. The notice must be given to Dressmaker Dolls upon the request to change your address details.

12. Our terms and condition may be amended, and in such case, new terms and conditions shall apply to your agreement with immediate effect.

13.Certificate of Debt: A certificate signed by any of our managers (whose authority need not be proved) in which the amount is stated of your indebtedness shall be obtained as evidence of your indebtedness in any legal proceedings, being regarded as correct except for when an incorrect amount is proven with sufficient evidence.

14.Jurisdiction Consent: You hereby give consent that legal proceedings may be instituted upon involvement to this agreement on your account, in the Magistrate’s Court that has jurisdiction over you.

15. We may choose to establish action against you in any court that has jurisdiction.

16. Waiver: If for any case do not administer any of our rights in terms of this agreement with immediate effect, does not result in abandonment, given up or waived any of those rights.

17. Personal and confidential information:
17.1. In this agreement, personal information refers to all information given to us which is personal to you, which we may collect and process.
17.2. We will uphold your personal information only for as long as we need to or have to by law.
17.3. We may contact you now and time through various communication platforms regarding other products and services which we believe may be of interest to you, however, you do reserve the right to instruct us not to if that is your preference.
17.4. You agree and give consent that we may disclose your personal information to:
17.5. Persons under the employment of Dressmaker Dolls;
17.6. Any company which supports any of our products which you hold;
17.7. Persons whom we transfer any of our rights or obligations under this agreement.
17.8. Anyone you permit us to give personal information to.
17.9. We may process your information to the extent permitted by law.

18. You accept that the terms and conditions, the definition and consequences of this agreement have been introduced and described in a language that you understand.

19. You accept and take responsibility for related risks within the agreement.

20. You accept that your rights and obligations have been explained to you.

21. We may at any time modify these terms and conditions and if so, it does not result in novation of the agreement, indebtedness or transactions.