What is an adjustable mannequin?

The female adjustable mannequin consists of a torso made in a modular system. This modular system allows the torso (neck, bust, waist and hips) to adjust or expand to a desired distance/measurement. The mannequin adjusts both horizontally and vertically; bust, waist and hips adjust in various size groupings while the back and waist of the torso adjust in length as well.

Which adjustable mannequins can I buy?

We currently stock the Diana, Rani, My Double and Siera adjustable dress forms. All of these are suitable for dressmakers and seamstresses who fashions garments for own use or for a family member.

What is the difference between the Diana, Rani, My Double and Siera adjustable mannequins?

All the adjustable mannequins have the same functionality. They all adjust the following areas: Neck, Bust, Waist, Hips and have the capacity to expand the back length. Each torso is boxed with a stand and hem marker.
The main differences between the adjustable models other than the colour is how they operate.


Diana and Siera

The Diana and Siera models each has dials that are used to do the adjustments. These dials indicate size. This make setting one’s measurement on the mannequin quick and effortless. The only difference between the two is with adjusting the back length. The Diana has a panel that slips out from underneath the chest area and keep the torso a unit from the neck to the hips when the back length is set. The Siera does not have the panel underneath the chest area and when the back length is adjusted the chest and hip areas will separated and an opening will show. The size of the split/opening will depend on the back-length adjustment.


We recommend using the Diana or Siera if you are looking for a quick and easy way to adjust your dressmaker doll.



My Double

The My Double has wheels that are turned to adjust the mannequin. When the mannequin expands there is a size chart that shows inside the mannequin. This means you can adjust to a specific/unique measurement and not just the standard industry sizes. When adjusting the back-length a panel slips out from underneath the chest area and keep the torso as a unit from the neck to the hips.




With the Rani you have a combination of dials and wheels to adjust with. There is no indication of size and you can adjust to any specific measurement and not just the standard industry sizes. You can either adjust and measure to get to the precise measurement or dress the mannequin with one of your favourite outfits. Start adjusting and when the mannequin fills the garment, you know that you are almost done. Undress the mannequin and do some minor adjustments, add padding and you have successfully copied your size to the mannequin. The Rani also have a white strip inside the mannequin that shows when adjusted. This strip can be marked to indicate various sizes or with people’s names to make future adjustments easier. This is extremely helpful to young designers that want to create their own design block. The mannequin can then be marked to suit their style or needs. The torso also has a crotch cut-out to assist with the fitting of trousers.


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